Strains, Sprains & Bruises Treatment

When a child suffers a sprain, they are actually stretching or tearing one or more ligaments. Similar to a sprain, a strain is where a muscle or tendon is stretched or torn. Both can be quite painful. Typical treatment for both sprains and strains is to ice the injured area and or using a compress bandage to reduce swelling. An anti-inflammatory drug, like Ibuprofen, can also be helpful in reducing the swelling and managing pain.

If you think your child has a sprain, get the pediatric sprain treatment St Paul relies on by calling us today. Our staff also provides experienced care for pediatric strain treatment in St Paul. Most injuries can be treated same day in our clinic, however for more serious injuries, we may refer you to a specialist for additional care, but only if necessary.

Active children who tend to bump into things sometimes suffer another type of injury – bruises. These black and blue sores are the result of blood vessel damage beneath the skin. If your child has suffered a severe bruise, take them to our clinic for an examination. We will determine whether the bruise requires further treatment. Call Dakota Pediatrics if you’re ever worried about an injury!

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