St Paul Minor Pediatric Burn Treatment

Burns are alarming for both parents and children. Curious kids often touch objects like stovetops, light bulbs, boiling water or fire, only to realize their mistake the hard way. When your child has a small burn, give them the minor pediatric burn treatment St Paul parents trust. Our doctors will examine the injury and provide effective care.

The first thing to do when your child has a burn is determine its severity. Hospitalization is required for extreme burns. Call 911 if the burn is charred or white, covers more than 10% of the body or is a chemical or electrical burn. Minor burns are not an emergency, but still require care. If the burn emits pus or seems infected, be sure to to call our clinic to receive minor pediatric burn treatment in St Paul.

You can take immediate steps to ease the pain and discomfort of your child’s burn. Run cool water over the affected area. Make sure the water isn’t extremely cold and do not use ice. If the burn is small, apply antibiotic ointment and cover it with gauze. Ease discomfort by giving your child an OTC pain reliever such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen. Carefully follow the bottle’s instructions. After you’ve taken these initial precautions, call our clinic immediately for expert treatment.

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