Bathtub Safety for Babies and Toddlers

Bath time is fun! Whether you’re bathing your baby for the first time or bathing your toddler for the three hundredth time (today), here are some important reminders concerning bathtub safety for babies and toddlers that will guarantee bath time is enjoyable and safe.



First and foremost, make sure your child only goes into the bathroom if accompanied by an adult. There are plenty of things that your child can get into when you’re not around that can be dangerous. Additionally, when giving your child a bath, never leave them alone. Even a quick second to grab something can be fatal. Make sure you have everything you need before you bathe your child: toys, towels, soap, clean clothes, diaper, etc. to avoid leaving him/her alone.

Water Temperature

The ideal temperature for your child’s bath is around 75 degrees Fahrenheit; you can test the water by putting your elbow in it. Be sure not to put your child in the tub while the faucet is still running as the temperature can change or the water could get too deep. Until your child is old enough, don’t let him/her touch the water handles to prevent potentially scalding or freezing water from disrupting their bath. When your child isold enough to turn the handles themselves, teach him/her to turn on the cold water before the hot water.


Make sure you use a soap that is made for babies and toddlers, as their skin is much more sensitive than adults’ and is susceptible to rashes or drying out. Consider playing at the beginning of their bath and using shampoo and soap at the end of the bath to keep them from sitting in soapy water for too long. Cleaning them in plain water is always an option — just be sure to get the areas between skin folds and the diaper zone.

Additional Prevention

Bathtubs are slippery; consider getting a rubber mat for a more secure surface to avoid any accidents. You may also want to add a cushioned cover for the waterspout so your little one won’t accidentally bump their head. Put all electrical appliances away and make sure there’s nothing that your child can grab and pull down into the tub. If you have a shower curtain or glass sliding doors, make sure those are secure. And as soon as the bath is finished, let the water out.

Keeping your child safe while getting clean is a breeze as long as you’re prepared! Follow these easy steps for bathtub safety for babies and toddlers and enjoy bath time with your little one

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