Children’s Annual Physical

Many parents ask: “Why do I need to bring my child in if he/she is not sick?” But, there are several reasons to bring your child in for an annual physical. First, annual physicals are good checkpoints to ensure your child is growing properly, developing age-appropriate social, behavioral, and physical skills, and to check for underlying problems. Second, physicals are usually required to attend school/daycare and to participate in athletics. Third, when your child is healthy, our providers can dedicate more time counseling families on preventive care, parenting techniques, education, and any other question you may have about your child. Fourth, you’ve already paid for it!! Under MN law, all insurers must reimburse preventive care visits 100% and because of that, all insurers build that cost into your monthly premiums. If you don’t take advantage of your annual physical, you are donating money to your friendly insurer, instead of receiving valuable education and counseling from your doctor.

At Dakota Pediatrics, we have provided comprehensive annual and/or sports physicals to Minneapolis/St Paul families for years. During a physical, our caring pediatricians will evaluate your child’s overall health, look for underlying problems or issues, and evaluate behavior and development. We also counsel families on preventive health issues such as diet, exercise, safety, etc. Unlike other practices where families only get about 5 minutes of provider facetime, our providers often spend 15-20 minutes or more with families to provide more in-depth information and counseling. With decades of specialized pediatric experience, it’s no wonder why Dakota Pediatrics is the most trusted provider of annual physicals for kids in St Paul and the surrounding area.

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